Make Sure Your Trees Look Their Best

Work with an experienced local tree company in the Apison, Cleveland & Chattanooga, TN area

Healthy and well-trimmed trees are great features for your home or business. When your trees need a bit of work done, Integrity Tree Care in the Apison, Cleveland & Chattanooga, TN area is ready to lend a hand. Our local tree company can fully treat and care for your trees.

You can have our team trim any tree's branches and canopy, which will improve its appearance and health. We'll also help promote healthy tree growth with our safe treatment methods.

Contact us to learn more about our canopy pruning, tree removal, tree planting and other tree care services.

Why you can count on us

At Integrity Tree Care, we love the work we do. Our owner, Fredys, and his trusted crew are always ready to help you with your tree needs.

You'll love working with our local tree company because we:

  • Have over seven years of industry experience
  • Are fully insured
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Always prioritize safety
  • Educate our clients on proper tree care
  • Cause as little impact to your property as possible
  • Keep our prices fair and competitive
Plus, we offer a special 5% discount to veterans and repeat customers, along with free estimates on all of our services.

Say goodbye to unwanted trees

If a tree is causing you problems, it may be best to have it removed. That's why as part of our tree services, we offer 24/7 tree removals. We'll arrive promptly and safely bring down your diseased or damaged tree. We can then plant a new one in its place thanks to our tree planting services.

Call us when you have a tree you need to get rid of.